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Be an Advocate

Advocates are at the heart of our program. You will be matched with someone who has need for companionship and advocacy, providing support to them through friendship.  

Requirements: All Advocates require an application, interview, training, and attend at least three community gatherings.

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Human Service professionals, religious organizations, family members, and others refer viable Partners to us and assist Advocates in their efforts of advocating for their Partners' best interests. 

Community Circles

Self-designed collectives made up of Do For One participants who focus their time, talents, and resources on supporting existing Advocate/Partner relationships. One great first step to getting involved is to visit a Community Circles gathering. It's a great time to meet new people who work with us and we sometimes need additional help with hospitality. 

People with disabilities are just like everyone else; vulnerable, looking to be accepted, and looking for companionship."

Luis, Voluntary Advocate


Watch below to see our work in action: