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Be an Advocate

Advocates enter a person’s life to respond to that person's needs and interests through an authentic and freely given relationship. A relationship can start with eagerness, excitement, and novelty. In time, that relationship deepens in trust and reciprocity.

Advocates can:

  • Share time with their partner in activities and conversation

  • Help their partner develop their talents and interests

  • Assist in achieving a goal their partner may have

  • Bring their partner into social, public, and community engagement

  • Provide a sense of safety and belonging through moral support

Advocates will choose, along with their partner, the personal investments, contents, and direction of the relationship. A growing number of relationships will have lasted a long time. However, some will be arranged for a specific, short-term purpose. Advocates will often benefit from such engagements as much as the person with disabilities.

Friendship, spokesman ship, social support, and social change can emerge when people's gifts and concerns are brought into ordinary community circles. 

People with disabilities are just like everyone else; vulnerable, looking to be accepted, and looking for companionship."

Luis, Voluntary Advocate


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