the team

Andrew oliver

Founder & Director

Andrew Oliver is the founder and director of Do For One NYC. He is a social service professional with 13 years of experience assisting adults with developmental disabilities as they make their own journey to acquire work, volunteer work, live at home more independently, or find a sense of belonging in their community. His ideas have been shaped by his training at the Training Institute for Human Services of Syracuse University, the Citizen Advocacy network, and Joni and Friends network. His work has also been informed by a range of experiences at his former employer Job Path, namely, by helping people with disabilities discover what they’re good at and finding employment and social networks that best match their contributions.


Associate Coordinator

Benjamin is a New York native and graduate of Kaplan University with an MS degree in Legal Studies. His most recent work was with “Wheeling Forward” where he served as an advocacy specialist, assisting people with disabilities as they transitioned from nursing homes to supportive housing. After witnessing the hardships that people without advocates face, he became passionate to advocate for people with disabilities. Ben serves faithfully at Hope Church Astoria. 


Board Member

Charles Simpson was born and raised in Tennessee, the eleventh of twelve children. After a dramatic conversion at the age of 17, he received a missionary call to New York City where he has spent most of his adult life, pastoring, planting churches, and working in Bible schools. While serving as the Pastor of Prayer at Times Square Church, he met and married his wife, Lynn. They have been privileged to work with many great leaders such as David and Don Wilkerson, Dr. Michael L. Brown, C. Peter Wagner, Joel Sadaphal, and Brian Simmons. Charles is currently the Campus Pastor at Brooklyn Teen Challenge and the Director of its School of Ministry.

Christina park

Board Treasurer

Christina Hyun is board treasurer. Christina has a background in art history (BA Northwestern University) and has worked mainly in the not-for-profit sector, from K-12 programs in museum education to a south korean advocacy group in Seoul (KWAFU) to various church admin roles wherever the need was greatest.  While remaining a Texan at heart, she’s lived in NYC for over 14 years and is happily married to co-board member Drew Hyun.

Ali Oliver

Cofounder & Board Secretary


Board Member