Turning Toward Love: Communion, Compassion and Community


In this episode you'll hear from Alexa, Jane, and Lenny as they share stories of transformation through relationships. As promised, see below for the words of Lenny's poem and Jean Vanier book recommendations. 

Do For One was invited to take part in an event hosted by Agora and Redeemer West Side titled, “Turning Toward Love.” It was a conversation between Amy Julia Becker and Andy Crouch. 

It was a conversation that invites us to respond to privilege with generosity, humility, and hope, and opens us up to questions we are afraid to ask, so that we can walk further from fear and closer to love, in all its fragile and mysterious possibilities.  

Jean Vanier books: From Brokenness to Community, Becoming Human, Befriending the Stranger

It Only Takes Two (or a few)

by Lenny Dominguez

Relationships don't always work out as it is, because we can all break apart from each other.

People Run 100 Miles & Everywhere They Can To Be in a Relationship With Anybody They Want To Be With & Share Their Love With.

New York City can be such a drag. In my group home, people go to programs during the day and don’t hang out with friends that much. 

I don’t know if many people feel that way, being lonely. Do you feel that way? Like you’re stuck on an island?

Relationships Need To Settle The Score Without Hate Inside Your Own Skin & It Only Takes Two People Or A Few People To Confess & Be Truthful.

I have been such a wonderful guy who is always looking for ways to come across and meet new people.

When I met Jesse, it was at the Do For One party and was the middle of Fall, before Halloween. We just talked about different things that we liked…Pokémon, rollercoasters, pizza and so on. He works at Columbia University. We share a lot of laughs.

On my birthday, we went to Harlem Tavern and I ate a hamburger and french fries and that was so good.

I remember when we played Super Mario Party with his roommates Kyle and Conner and his girlfriend Sarabeth (she sucks at video games). That was really fun!

When  I think of my friendship with Jesse, words I think of are wonderful, laughable, and togetherness. We kinda stick together like glue. 

I’m excited to see the Pokémon movie together.

Relationships Are An Everlasting Love & It Lasts Forever from Sundown Until The Break Of Dawn.

People Need To Come Together As A Family, Find Peace & Work Together So They Can Bring Justice Around The World. What would justice look like in New York City, or in my home? What do you think?