Do For One promotes stronger communities and richer lives by bringing people excluded from freely given support into healthy and lasting relationships. We selectively match one person with disabilities with another person who enjoys a more included life. Friendship, spokesman ship, social support, and social change can emerge when people's gifts and concerns are brought into the center of community life.


Our vision is a future where the world is keenly aware of the problems people with disabilities face. That knowledge prompts radical personal action to address those needs. Inclusion replaces exclusion, as communities grow in strength and diversity. 


Our Philosophy 

Dignity: Everyone is of unique and sacred value. People with disabilities deserve to be embraced without stigma or stereotypes. Everyone has a contribution to make in our world and deserves the chance to realize and develop their spiritual, relational, and creative capacities.

Connection: Working with those who are closest to a disabled person’s needs will far more likely bring about sustainable change, over and above institutional care. Personal care is where love and common sense is central. Our advice will always be to seek solutions that are as simple, personal, and close at hand. 

Support: People with disabilities, as much as anyone, need families and community that provide trust, security, and mutual affection. Community is where we share common interests, resources, and connections. It is only in the context of community that our individual selves can discover our beauty, worth, and importance.

Values: Do For One is rooted in the ethical tradition of Judeo-Christian beliefs, specifically the inherent worth of all people. Human Rights is a modernized understanding of this value. It is through this tradition that we seek the common good for people of all backgrounds.





What a life changing difference it makes for all of us when we know someone is looking out for us, and loves to be with us. It is not a natural occurrence that people with disabilities develop freely given relationships. By selectively matching one person with disabilities, in need of guidance, companionship, or advocacy (“Partner”), with a person who enjoys the ordinary privileges of life (“Advocate”), we form life-changing relationships sustained through education and community support.


Community is a place where people can discover, grow, and heal. People who are in community also share common interests, resources, and connections. Those living without community are often left to wasted time and potential, doing things the least efficient and most expensive way. Community Circles are self-designed collectives made up of Do For One participants. By thoughtfully recruiting and assembling a balanced guest list of people with and without disabilities, these groups provide safe, comfortable environments for networks to form and strengthen.


The relationships that Do For One facilitates are organic and mutual. Yet the uniqueness of the pairing – one person with greater dependence on another – invites challenges that can be unforeseen. Do For One remains available for ongoing support, brainstorming, coming up with realistic strategies for accomplishing goals, and provide advice as Guides define roles and boundaries in the relationship. Our support is customized to the nature of each person’s involvement with us. 

More information about our program model is available upon request.