“There are many people, especially handicapped people, who do not have viable, relatively unconditional one-to-one supportive relationships. If people are no longer willing to engage in those kinds of relationships, laws can be passed, unlimited funds can be allocated – and still, nothing will work…”
Wolf Wolfensberger, Founder of Citizen Advocacy

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While Human Services struggle to find places of belonging for people with disabilities, surrounding communities struggle to do so as well. In a survey given to 56 Human Service professionals on the West Coast, 80% in that survey indicated that people with disabilities’ friends were also people with disabilities. Additional research on evangelical churches shows that just 11% have some type of disability ministry. 


Meanwhile parents ask, “What happens to my handicapped child when I’m gone?” 

Your donations enable us to: 

1. Bring hope to people and families who feel like they’ve been forgotten

2. Change mindsets and expectations next time someone meets a person with a developmental disability